Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Lazy saturday

I kinda want to post in English today. I promise it won't happen a lot, I'm just really into the language right now...
So, I woke up around 12 PM today and then I had a nice breakfast with Jillian and Joe. They already worked in the backyard to finish the garden. SO it was actually their lunch but oh well. They know that I sleep in on the weekends a lot!
Around 2 PM J+J went to the Greenbelt with Layla to meet Jillian's sister. And they wanted to go swimming too. I stayed at home because I wanted to skype with my mom. I ended up skyping with Jolaike, and we talked about our trip. We are still trying to figure out the hotel because the one we picked has construction works going on. But her hostmom said they'll be quiet in the night and we are just going to be there for like 6 hours to sleep.
Our plan for the week is pretty tight. We wanna see yo many different places. Right now Jolaike and I are thinking about not going to Death Valley so that we have more time in LA. I think I'm gonna talk to her again tomorrow!
Well, after that Jillian and I went Downtown to take pictures of the famous Austin wall!

Yes that's me :P

So and then we went to a French bakery!

Unfortunatelythey didn't have any "Brötchen" but oh well. I can't wait to get my "Käsebrötchen" at the airport when I get home. Oh and by the way, I got my flight information yesterday. I'm gonna arrive in Bremen at 2 o'clock in the afternoon! Mh....
Well Jillian and Joe watched Basketball. It was the Semi-Final of the March Madness, it's a pretty big competition for all the college teams!
Max came over around 9.30 PM and we took some pictures outside. We also went to Taco Bell.
Haha that was my day ;)

Always free refills in fast food restaurants

The Taco Bell next to my house is a partner of my school

My cutie ;)

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