Sonntag, 15. April 2012

My Vacation

Weil ich lieber mehr Fotos hochlade als Texte zu schreiben, schreib ich einfach Stichpunkte auf!

Day 1
-flight to Dallas at 9.20 AM
-meeting Jolaike in Dallas
 -arriving in Las Vegas and renting a car
-getting the tent from the hotel
-our hotel "Excalibur"
-hotel has casino inside
-walking downtown
-M&M's World and Hard Rock Café
water play in front of hotel

Day 2
-waking up at 6.30 AM
-leaving hotel at 8 and breakfast at Bagel Shop
-drive to Grand Canyon
-visitor center
-fire wood collecting
-watching susnet at 6.57 PM

Day 3
-first night camping
-hiking with Jolaike
-Goldfish break and music
-watching tower from native americans
-driving around and taking pictures
-dinner at café
-watching the sunset fro manotehr place

Day 4
-waking up at 6 (planned was 7 AM)
-pack everything in the car, leaving the camping place
-Painted Desert and Patrified Forest
-staying in hotel because of the weather (planned was camping)

Day 5
-packing and breakfast at 8 AM
-vulcanocrater visit
-old native's houses
-back to Vegas
-stop in Flagstaff for lunch
-Hoover Dam
-in Vegas Manhatten Express twice (roller coaster)
-new hotel
-watching "America's Next Topmodel 'British Invasion'"

Day 6
-drive to Los Angeles
-stuck in traffic so it takes 5 hours
-Walk of Fame
-Hollywood sign
-Hard Rock Café
-Kodak and Chinese Theater
-red carpet for Classic Film Festival
-going swimming on Manhatten Beach in the night

Day 7 & 8
-Madame Tussauds at 10 AM
-lunch with film maker from Paramount
-Santa Monica Beach and Pier (but it rained)
-houses in the hills and famour houses tour
-stuck in traffic on the way back to Vegas
-over 10 hours in the car and than finally in Vegas
-Jolaike and I stay up and sit in the lobby or run around in the hotel
-my flight back to Dallas and than Austin at 5 AM
-back in Austin at 2 PM

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