Dienstag, 24. April 2012


My day started off not how I expected it. I was getting ready in the morning and texting with Max. We texted in the night too, don't ask why because I don't know.
Than around 8.05 AM he called me and offered me a ride to school. So I agreed (I don't like the school bus).
At school we talked, like friends. And it worked pretty well. That kinda made my day start good.
Classes were pretty boring. Nothing special, but we started with poetry in English and I really like that :)
In Chemistry Max and I talked again, and we had a review for the TAKS (which I don't need to take).
Jillian picked me up from school and at home I just had a second lunch and tea (my throat still hurts...).
After I talked a little bit with Jillian and took a little nap (I slept only 3 hours last night because the sunburn was horibly painful) I started to walk to Starbucks and Party City. I had to buy a stick to put on the mask for Prom (it did arrive today so I finally got everything I need)  and I really wanted a traveling mug from Starbucks. I ended up not buying one because they were all kinda ugly and not what I wanted, but I got the stick. And guess who I met there?
Yes, I met Max. He got off work early and he works just across the street. That was kinda ironic, but oh well. So we walked around together.
On the way home I stopped by at HEB and I bought some pretty bobby pins for the hair. I wanna make my hair for prom like this:
Not exactly but that style. So yeah, when I got home, Jillian gave me some dresses to try one for the wedding dinner and the wedding day. And I actually found some pretty cool dresses :)
Now I'm still up because I don't need to wake up before 11 tomorrow. I'm gonna take the city bus to school at 1 PM and then I have only two hours of school! AWESOME!
I love being an exchange student!

Oh and to answer the question in the last comment, teenagers cuss a lot. They say 'shit' or 'damn' all the time. Sometimes you hear things that are worse and the teacher might say "watch your language" but adults normally overhear it! I started to say 'Jeeez' a lot when something is really annoying...

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