Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Last school day :(

Today was my very last school day at Crockett :(
I had History and English. Before school started I turned in my books and my Track clothes. But I kept the sweater and the sweat pants ;)
Well History was cool, we watched "The Help" because we already took our final. And in English we had to finish our Poetry Booklet and then take a final. I'm gonna post my grades when I get them but right now I don't know them.
After school my friend Phuong gave me the bracelet she made for me. Sooo nice from her! :)
Well I took the bus for the last time. When I came home Max was waiting in front of my house! He couldn't find me at school so he drove to my house and waited :)
Well because I completed Junior Year Jillian and Joe made a special dinner today. It was Wiener Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and red cabbage! For dessert they made appel strudel! It was awesome!!! :)
I also packed the packet I'm gonna send home next week. It has almost all of my clothes in it and all the other little things. And I packed my artwork and school papers in another packet. It's gonna be kinda expensive but I still think it's better than buying another suitcase and check it in twice with overweight!
BTW that's my bikini, not underwear :P
All the clothes I'm gonna leave here
Tomorrow is graduation and I have to wake up at 6 AM to I'll go to bed now :)

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Thank you-cards

Today was the second to last school day! We had two finals, Drawing 2 and Pre-Cal. The Drawing one was fun. We did a mandala and I didn't finish it. But my teacher said it's okay as long as I tried.
So then in Pre-Cal I didn't even try hard to do good. I circled the answers that looked best and I plugged the information in formulas that were on my card. I probably failed but I will still pass the class.
During the 15 minutes break I went to all my teacher's rooms and gave them thank you-cards. I thought it would be nice to thank all of them for supporting me throughout the year and just make this year perfect ;)
After school I went to Church's Chicken with Max. Today is our 7 month anniversary and we didn't really plan anything so we just watched two movies. Brüno and Austin's Powers and both are super funny!
Well in the late afternoon after Max left I had a looong talk with Jillian. Mostly about health insurances ;)
Okay so here pictures of almost all of my artwork!
The mandala final assignment - Drawing 2

The Midterm assignment - Art 1

Portrait - Art 1

Stretch design - Drawing 2

Calligraphy - Art 1

Dots - Art 1

Surrealism - Drawing 2

Chalk flower - Art 1

White on Black - Drawing 2

Zoom zoom ZOOM - Drawing 2
I have a couple more Art 1 drawings, like the orange cubism one or the oil pastel one (last assignment this year). But I didn't finish the oil pastel one so I left it aat school for the teacher to show as examples. And Joe has the cubism one in his room. He'll keep the White on Black one and give the orange one back to me :)

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Six Flags

Capitol Austin, Texas

Statue on top of Capitol

Levels in Capitol

Hall of Representatives, or better their chairs

On the tables for the politicians

Downtown Austin

So, das waren die Bilder von gestern.
Heute war ich mit Kiki in dem Freiezitpark Fiesta Texas - Six Flags! Das ist eine Freizeitparkkette die über 6 mal in den USA ist. Zwei sind in Texas, einer in Cali, einer in der Nähe von West Virgina und einer in New York. Ich weiß nicht wo noch welche sind...
Naja, also heute morgen um 8.30 AM ging los erstmal Donuts kaufen und Kiki abholen. In San Antonio beim Freizeitpark waren wir dann 10 min bevor der offiziell öffnet. Die Roller Coasters sind alle im Leerlauf gewesen, war aber irgendwie lustig.
Naja, Kiki und ich sind dann bis 5.30 PM im Park gewesen, also 7 Stunde :)
Es war super fun und ich bereue es nicht mein Geld dafür ausgegeben zu haben! It was worth it! And here some pictures :)
Kiki :)

The new Sky Screamer. It opened yesterday!!

Sream - 200 ft. fall tower

There were a lot of German names!

The Poltergeist

Goliath - legs are in the air

Like this ;)

The Rattler - made out of wood, not really smooth ride :P

Superman - longest and coolest roller soaster ever!

That's the Superman. That's the first roller soaster we rode  and after the first loop my vision got black!   

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Downtown and Man In Black 3

Today I wanted to hang out with my friend Alyssa downtown. Before 2 o'clock I was just like a zombie walking around in the house. I didn't really wake up...don't ask me why though.
When I was sitting at Starbucks downtown, Alyssa texted me that her mom's car doesn't work and she won't make it. I'm telling you, I was sooo dissappointed! Like really, a lot! We were planning this for over two weeks and then the car doesn't work.
Well I decided to walk aroungd alone since I was already there. I walked to the Capitol and took some cool pictures in the park. I'm gonna upload them tomorrow, because I have to go to bed soon :)
Well Max came over and then we went to the movie theater in the mall to see Man In Black 3! It's a reaally goood movie! You should totally see it :)
Well yeah when I got home I called Kiki to make sure we're going to Six Flags tomorrow. And because she never got my texts she thought we're not going! :o
So it's good I called her!! Well I really have to go to bed, and I'll take pictures tomorrow and upload them :)

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Chessy's Party

Today was the first day of Memorial Weekend. That means all the stores have super sales and all that crazy stuff! Well I slept till 9 or 10, I'm not sure since I texted people at 9 but I can't remember alarm went off at 10 AM! :o
Well after a nice breakfast I took a shower and around 11.30 AM Jillian and Joe took me out to go Downtown. We went to buy a new couch (or to look for one) and to whole foods. That's like a super healthy and expensive supermarket. We finally got cherry juice so we made Kiba! ♥
Good stuff ;)

Well when we got hoem I started to work on my Pre-Cal final review. And I actually finished it, and the cheat-cheat. We got a card and we can write down all the formulas we want, as long as they fit on the card. We can use it during the final! I wrote small like this
Max came over aroung 6.45 PM right after I finished math. And at 8 PM we left the house to pick up Franco and to go to Chessy's farewell (good-bye) party. It was a pool party and first I didn't wanna go in the water, but I ended up jumping in and almost losing my contacts ;)
Well I was home by 11.30 PM and I will post pictures tomorrow, I have to wait until someome posts them since I didn't take any. Tomorrow I will hang out Downtown with Alyssa :)

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Day 2 of finals

Today I had two finals, Art and Chemistry. It was my very last class with Max together! :((
Man, I still can't believe that this all will end so soon! It's just not real...
Well in Art I got in trouble with the Assistant principle because I gave my friend some work to copy. He forgot about it and it was due today for him. And because cheating is obviously really bad I got in trouble -.-
Well I don't care!
So, in Art we had this really weird project/assignment, lines over lines! It kinda looked liek this:

In Chemistry we had 45 multiple choice and 2 free respond questions. I think I did pretty well, only the Acid-questions were kinda hard, because we never talked about that in it is such a long time ago we talked about it in Germany...oh well. I definately passed both of the finals today!
Then after school I went to get lunch with Max. As soon as we got to his house, he fell asleep and so I watched hm sleep for over 2 and a half hours! Haha yes I was pretty bored ;)
Oh well, luckily I had my iPod (btw, I could not wake him up!!) and my phone! :P
Well when we brought the trash out I found $15 and we used that money to get dinner. We went downtown and got a sub and two cupcakes, one for Max' sister and one for us :)
It was really cool, because the stores were in those old campers, these silver ones with weird shapes! They were just at the side of the street, and I have to say, goood and cheap food! :)
From now on my days are pretty busy, Schlitterbahn, Six Flags, Downtown,...
Hopefully I get tot take a lot of pictures :)

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

First day of finals

Today was the first half-day of finals. That means school from 9 AM to 1.15 PM and each period is 2 hours long. I was in school just on time and the first exam was Psychology. Because I knew the questions in advance it took me only 40 min to finish and then I started to work on my English Poetry Booklet. It's not done yet but I'm getting there. I also got a pass to leave class and go to the office again. I had to go and pick up my gown for Graduation :)
They look like this!

Then we had 15 min of break and I was just hanging out with Max and some friends. Man its so scary to think that I will not see them as often as I did this whole year. Like I might see pictures on facebook but that is not the same.
Then the Journalism final took me only about 15 min because it was just multiple choice so really easy...
I basically work on my Poetry Booklet the whole period :)
After school I waited about 2 hours for Max, he had to finish his Art final...yeah I didn't think I would have to wait that long...
Well we finally ate lunch at Subway and then we got home. We were watching 21 Jumpstreet and talking about the time we won't see each other...of course it made me cry.
Well I have to write an essay before I go to bed. That really sucks because it's just so that I have something turned in -.-

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Last full school day :(

AAHHH today was my last day of regular classes!!! :'(
It was an A-Day, so History, English, Art and Chemistry (♥) in that order.
The first two classes were okay. We worked on our final projects. And then after lunch (it was my very last lunch :o) I had to go to the office to talk to Ms. Camacho and she is the teacher that handels the difficult students. The one that beat (!) teacher and sell crack in school. So I was sitting in the office for over 1 hour (missing Art) and watched all these aggressive students yelling and cussing. Well I didn't know why she wanted to talk to me but I felt kinda weird, since she talked only to students that were in trouble.
When she finally talked to me, she told me that I am the #1 Junior student!! That is so weird! Like there are 400 American Juniors and I happen to be the best one :P
Well then she asked me if I wanted to be a Junior helper for Graduation and of course I said yes :)
She told me that I'll be on TV the whole time, I will give the Principal the diplomas and walk with him. I'm so excited, I even get my own gown!! But not cap ;)
Well I was back in class for about 20 min.
Than I had Chemistry with Max. It's so weird, it was the last class period we would have together, and it was the class we met. That class was always kinda special to me...
Well we just did a review for the final and I was the only one even bein awake!! :o
After school I took the bus home and there I was just chilling with the New Zealander, because they'll leave tomorrow while I'm still at school. I will definately go visit them!
Then I made Bananenwickel for dinner. They loved it and they'll try it out as soon as they get home ;)
And here the picture of my award!
The award

Chrissie and Caleb

My chemistry class...sleeping

Max sleeping

Part of my drawing. I cut it and glued it on a bigger paper

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Journalism Banquet

Today was the journalism banquet at Gatti Town and I'm telling you, I got about a millian awards, ribbons and plaquets! I actually gave some away too ;)
Well school was alright. I finished the first part of the final in Drawing, started with the second part and I cut my last drawing apart and glued it on a bigger paper. In math the seniors were taking a final so we juniors had to go in another room and work on the review. Boring but it helped a little bit.
For lunch Max and I went to my house because I had to pick up some stuff I forgot in the morning. We were back in school just on time! :)
Psych was boring, we talked about the final, she actually told us the exact questions, and in journalism we did the same. Talking about the final and doing make-up work.
After school Max and I went to his place for about an hour before we left to go to Gatti Town, the place where the banquet was. We had buffet, but I only ate a little bit since we were going to Salt Lick later on. It wasn't too interesting, but I got awards. Examples: best photo ( in competition), "best gift from Germany", best Journalism student, etc.
Everybody got at least one award. And at the end we had cake and we got a $5 game card. Gatto Town also has games in there, like the ones where you can grab an animal and you hopefully get it. And Max and I actually got one after 4 tries, but this stupid machine didn't open the door! It was a HUGE superman dog, and I was so super mad because the manager said they can't open it and so we got a tiny zebra as stuffed animal -.-
Man, I was mad, I'm telling you!
As soon as we got home we left to go to Salt Lick, Max with us! :)
I'll post pictures tomorrow, I promise.
But I gotta sleep now!

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Last school monday

I'll make it short because I HAVE TO GO TO BED NOW!
Today was the last school monday, mostly review for the finals.
Max came over after school and left around 7.15 PM because Jillian, Joe, Chrissie and Caleb kinda forced me to go out to dinner with them. Mexican food -.-
Now it's super late and we came home at 10.30 PM because they kept talking at the restaurant and I have a ton of homework to do due tomorrow. That honestly shows me that they really are not parents, they don't feel responsible and stuff.
Well tomorrow Salt Lick and my Journalism banquet

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Kinda just chilling at home

When I woke up this morning I felt like something was different. I'm still not quiet sure what it was, I just know that it stopped bothering me after I took a shower.
Well I woke up around 9 and Chrissie and Caleb (the New Zealander) woke up around the same time. We all got ready, and when Joe called me to ask if we could pick them up from the hotel, we were about to eat breakfast. So we picked J+J up and when we got home the WHOLE family came over to bring everything that was left at the venue and to say goodbye.
I was so tired so I was just in my room relaxing and skyping with my family again. We finally found a good wedding present/thank you present for them! :)
Well then Jillian and Joe relaxed for a little bit after everybody left before we three went to Thunderclowds Subs for lunch. It was good! And they both really needed some relax time!
Don't you think they look a little stressed out?
Well after that I took a nap and when I woke up the rest of the family that had not left at that time came over.
Now its almost 9 PM and they all left. And I'll be honest, it made me so sad to say goodbye to Jillian's mom, I cried. It's just so weird...she stayed with us in total over a whole month...
Well she said I have another pair of grandparents in Montana and I'm more than welcome to visit them!
I didn't do any schoolwork on the weekend so I guess I have to do all of it tomorrow...
The next week will be Finals week, that means from thursday to wednesday it'll only be half days and I'll be off at 1.15 PM.
It's so crazy...every day I realize a little more that all that will end soon :(

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012


Today, or yesterday, was Jillian and Joe's wedding! Jillian changed her name to Joe's last name and Ihave to say, the wedding was perfect!
After I got ready, Max came, picked me up and then we went to the wedding. The first hour there was pretty boring because we couldn't go anywhere and we were alone. But as soon as the other guests came it was fun!
Here just some pictures, because I'm pretty sure that they can show better how awesome it was than I can explain ;)