Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Academic Awards

Today was the day! Today was the Award ceremony :)
School was okay. I don't like Pre-Cal that much but the period was 2h 15min long today. So really long! Well Psychology and Journalism were easy and short then :)
I stayed in school with Franco and Aisha and at 5.45 PM the Reception in the cafeteria started. A lot of art was presented in the middle of the room, also my drawings! :o
Well the ceremony started pretty crwoded. We all got numbers and we should sit in order so that is is easier and faster later. But it didn't work out at all! At least I found the number right before me, 97 and it was a friendly boy who was just as nervous as I was! So we talked the whole time and when it was our turn, we were pretty relaxed.
The teacher couldn't pronounce my name at all, but I knew that. So they said my name and I walked on the stage. Aisha took pictures but they're all blurry.
Right before it was my turn

Me walking too fast for the camera ;)

Shaking hands with the principal
 Yeah that was pretty much my day. I got a lot more awards than I thought. I only got a note that I will receiva the Cougar Gold Award for Journalism, but I also got a Trustee Award for continued excellent Academic achievement and a Cougar Gold Award for being in the top 10% of the Juniors this year :)

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