Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Another week of testing

Today was the first day of the STAAR testing. That is the new TAKS, the freshman don't take the TAKS but the STAAR. So we have a weird schedule again. The first two  periods are 2h 15min ling and lunch is at 1.30 PM and that is pretty late!
Well I had History and English (sub teacher) and it was okay. Time went by so slow though...
The two periods after lunch were only 45min long so Art and Chemistry went buy fast.
Art was kinda weird because this boy sitting next to me kept asking me weird stuff, like why I don't have any pimples and what kinda belly button I have :P
After I got home I tried my new contacts. My mom (♥) send me monthly ones and they fit perfectly :)
After Becca, her boyfriend and Joe came we went to the venue, the place where the wedding is gonna be. It is really pretty but it has a loot of mosquitos there. Some of you might remember how allergic I was last year and this year I had some bad ones too :(
Oh well, I'll survive! :P
Everything seems to be so not real right now. When I'm in the car watching the houses around I think, I won't be able to see that for a long time anymore. This feeling to lose something that important...that is just not nice. My friends get so sad when they ask me when I will leave and I could start to cry all the time :(
There is so much going on right now in my life, I feel like I grew so much here. I have changed and this here is part of me now. I know I still have 39 days left but it is just so sad...
Oh and tomorrow is the Cougar Gold Award Ceremony...I almost forgot about that :o
I don't even know what to wear, we have to dress in our sunday's best they said! :o

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