Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Becca's Graduation

Today was Becca's gradutation ceremony. But it was in the morning and I overslept so I didn't get to go. But Jillian and Joe didn't go either, only Becca' sparents.
I felt really good today so I was outside a lot. After I skyped a little with my sister and my mom we went to brunch with Becca and her boyfriend + family.
It was a pretty big group of people! And the food was gooooooood! ♥
Baby Jett is here :)

When I got home around 4 o'clock I skyped with my friend for about one hour and later on I skyped with my mom for a little bit again.
Then I went for a walk with Joe and Layla. Because Jillian's mom and step dad are still living here, JC and Becca are coming over almost every night for dinner, today as well. We had just some food set up on the table and you could just get it whenever you wanted, not really a big meal together. But they're having fun :)
Tomorrow is mother's day, and I will make breakfast for dinner. Unfortunalety my mom didn't get the card on time :(

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