Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Birthday Cake-Face

Today was the day when I said to myself I don't wanna talk any German for the next 43 days! Unfortunaltely my family regrets to text me in English so I'm forced to write in German. I might even blog in German, just because I don't wanna confuse you guys too much. But today is gonna be in English :)
So, a pretty crazy day. I took the bus in the morning and then I was involved in a fight! Not that I hit anybody but i was between the two girls that were punching each other.
So I got in the bus and sat down next to the girl that I always sit next to. And this girl and the girl on the seat next to me on the other site started to yell at each other. Then the other girl got up and punched the girl next to me. All that happened to quickly that I had no chance to get out of there. Yeah and then they just fought for a while until one girl was lying on the ground and the other one jumoing on her and kicking her in the face. It looked really brutal!
They didn't hit me a lot, just a few elbows in my face and I didn't get bruises. When we got to the school the girl were picked up by security.
So my day started pretty crazy. Before first period I went to math tutoring and I finally understood the topic! In Drawing 2 I finished my sketch and tomorrow I'm gonna start with the big picture!
It's a giraffe and zoomed in at different places, in case you can't see it.
In math we just practiced a little bit because we had a student teacher, she was really nice and better than the other student teacher that normally teaches our class.
For lunch I went to HEB with Max and Franco. We got a balloon and a cake for our friend Zoey because it was her birthday. Max was about to get a "Happy Birthday" balloon when I said AS A JOKE "You should totalle get her the It's a boy! balloon" and he did! Crazy, then Franco told the guy with the balloons that I'm pregnant and he said congratulations! :o
He believed Franco and I thought it was so funny that I just let him think that ;)
So I went to Psychology after lunch and that was kinda cool too. We talked about the brain!
In the 5-min break between the last two periods Max came and put cake in my face! It was yellow and so sticky! I had to go and wash it off before class so I was a little late for class. But oh well it was fun ;)
At home I did some laundry and walked around, about 4 miles in total! :)
Tomorrow I have to get up reaally early for Drawing tutoring. That's gonna be no fun at all but oh well.
Yep that was pretty much my day, oh and here a picture of my Journalism project!

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