Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Chessy's Party

Today was the first day of Memorial Weekend. That means all the stores have super sales and all that crazy stuff! Well I slept till 9 or 10, I'm not sure since I texted people at 9 but I can't remember alarm went off at 10 AM! :o
Well after a nice breakfast I took a shower and around 11.30 AM Jillian and Joe took me out to go Downtown. We went to buy a new couch (or to look for one) and to whole foods. That's like a super healthy and expensive supermarket. We finally got cherry juice so we made Kiba! ♥
Good stuff ;)

Well when we got hoem I started to work on my Pre-Cal final review. And I actually finished it, and the cheat-cheat. We got a card and we can write down all the formulas we want, as long as they fit on the card. We can use it during the final! I wrote small like this
Max came over aroung 6.45 PM right after I finished math. And at 8 PM we left the house to pick up Franco and to go to Chessy's farewell (good-bye) party. It was a pool party and first I didn't wanna go in the water, but I ended up jumping in and almost losing my contacts ;)
Well I was home by 11.30 PM and I will post pictures tomorrow, I have to wait until someome posts them since I didn't take any. Tomorrow I will hang out Downtown with Alyssa :)

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