Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Downtown and Man In Black 3

Today I wanted to hang out with my friend Alyssa downtown. Before 2 o'clock I was just like a zombie walking around in the house. I didn't really wake up...don't ask me why though.
When I was sitting at Starbucks downtown, Alyssa texted me that her mom's car doesn't work and she won't make it. I'm telling you, I was sooo dissappointed! Like really, a lot! We were planning this for over two weeks and then the car doesn't work.
Well I decided to walk aroungd alone since I was already there. I walked to the Capitol and took some cool pictures in the park. I'm gonna upload them tomorrow, because I have to go to bed soon :)
Well Max came over and then we went to the movie theater in the mall to see Man In Black 3! It's a reaally goood movie! You should totally see it :)
Well yeah when I got home I called Kiki to make sure we're going to Six Flags tomorrow. And because she never got my texts she thought we're not going! :o
So it's good I called her!! Well I really have to go to bed, and I'll take pictures tomorrow and upload them :)

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