Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Fire Alarm

Today during 5th period we had a real fire alarm in school. Something in the chemistry room exploded or something like that and so we all had to get out off the building. We ha a substitute teacher and the alarm noice didn't work in our room so we were bascally the last ones out of the builging.
Then we had to wait for 30-40 min to go back inside.
An of course I got a million new mosquoito bite outside waiting -.-
In chemistry we just reviewed and I took a little nap because all we did was making up work and I had everything done.
Max came late to class and one of the security guards was with him. Later on he told me that he fell asleep in the last minute of 5th period and he didn't wake up from the bell. When the teacher couldn't wake him up she called the security and the nurse. So it took two security guards, one police man and the nurse to wake him up! Yeah he definately needs to sleep more in the night!
Well when I got home Jillian, her cousin and Joe were gone. I did my homework outside in the sun (with anti-mosquoito spray!) and after that I walked to HEB.
For dinner I had two carroty and five grapes :P
That's what happens when J+J are out of the foood! ;)

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