Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

First day of finals

Today was the first half-day of finals. That means school from 9 AM to 1.15 PM and each period is 2 hours long. I was in school just on time and the first exam was Psychology. Because I knew the questions in advance it took me only 40 min to finish and then I started to work on my English Poetry Booklet. It's not done yet but I'm getting there. I also got a pass to leave class and go to the office again. I had to go and pick up my gown for Graduation :)
They look like this!

Then we had 15 min of break and I was just hanging out with Max and some friends. Man its so scary to think that I will not see them as often as I did this whole year. Like I might see pictures on facebook but that is not the same.
Then the Journalism final took me only about 15 min because it was just multiple choice so really easy...
I basically work on my Poetry Booklet the whole period :)
After school I waited about 2 hours for Max, he had to finish his Art final...yeah I didn't think I would have to wait that long...
Well we finally ate lunch at Subway and then we got home. We were watching 21 Jumpstreet and talking about the time we won't see each other...of course it made me cry.
Well I have to write an essay before I go to bed. That really sucks because it's just so that I have something turned in -.-

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