Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Hunger Games

This morning Jillian took me to school at 8.25 AM so that I could go to my Drawing teacher to work on my Surrealism picture. She said I have to come in and finish it because we started with a new project.
All my classes were boring and the day seemed to be sooo long! Max never came to school because he took the driving test again.
When I got home I was pretty bored for a couple hours. Then I went to HEB with Joe to get stuff for Hawaii-toast. I don't know if anybody of you knows that. but its pretty delicious ;)
Max came over for like half an hour before he left to watch "The Avengers" with his family. At the same time Jillian and Joe left to watch another movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. So I decided to watch "The Hunger Games" online :)
That was pretty much my day

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