Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Kinda just chilling at home

When I woke up this morning I felt like something was different. I'm still not quiet sure what it was, I just know that it stopped bothering me after I took a shower.
Well I woke up around 9 and Chrissie and Caleb (the New Zealander) woke up around the same time. We all got ready, and when Joe called me to ask if we could pick them up from the hotel, we were about to eat breakfast. So we picked J+J up and when we got home the WHOLE family came over to bring everything that was left at the venue and to say goodbye.
I was so tired so I was just in my room relaxing and skyping with my family again. We finally found a good wedding present/thank you present for them! :)
Well then Jillian and Joe relaxed for a little bit after everybody left before we three went to Thunderclowds Subs for lunch. It was good! And they both really needed some relax time!
Don't you think they look a little stressed out?
Well after that I took a nap and when I woke up the rest of the family that had not left at that time came over.
Now its almost 9 PM and they all left. And I'll be honest, it made me so sad to say goodbye to Jillian's mom, I cried. It's just so weird...she stayed with us in total over a whole month...
Well she said I have another pair of grandparents in Montana and I'm more than welcome to visit them!
I didn't do any schoolwork on the weekend so I guess I have to do all of it tomorrow...
The next week will be Finals week, that means from thursday to wednesday it'll only be half days and I'll be off at 1.15 PM.
It's so crazy...every day I realize a little more that all that will end soon :(

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