Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Last day of STAAR

Today was the last day of testing for the freshman! The very last thing left are finals. Urg...I hope I don't fail. That could ruin my whole report card! :o
Well I was supposed to go on a college visit today! I got invited yesterday and I had to turn in the paper today. But when I got there, there were too many people. And because I'm an exchange student and I don't HAVE to visit a college here, I couldn't go...I was so sad! :(
But I will go see that college anywys because it's the college Becca will graduate from this weekend :)
My favorite class was chemistry today, even without Max there.
Our teacher blew up a balloon and then he put it in a bowl with liquid nitrogen! Thas was so cool! The balloon was shrinking and the whole ground was so foggy from the nitrogen!
That is liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen and a balloon

Then he put the rest of the nitrogen (it was boiling so part went in the air) in a beaker and then put a marshmallow (is that how you spell it?) and a Jalapeno in it. Aber a while he took it out. Hammered the marshmallow and dropped the Jalapeno on the ground. It was so awesome!! Like really awesome! It was just like a movie :)
After that I was just hanging out with Max for a while.
Tomorrow Jillian's mom and step dad are coming. They're gonna stay at our house for a couple days and from now on there will always be someone staying here. So the next two weeks I have to keep the bathroom clean! :/
I love having my own bathroom! I really do! ♥

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