Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Last full school day :(

AAHHH today was my last day of regular classes!!! :'(
It was an A-Day, so History, English, Art and Chemistry (♥) in that order.
The first two classes were okay. We worked on our final projects. And then after lunch (it was my very last lunch :o) I had to go to the office to talk to Ms. Camacho and she is the teacher that handels the difficult students. The one that beat (!) teacher and sell crack in school. So I was sitting in the office for over 1 hour (missing Art) and watched all these aggressive students yelling and cussing. Well I didn't know why she wanted to talk to me but I felt kinda weird, since she talked only to students that were in trouble.
When she finally talked to me, she told me that I am the #1 Junior student!! That is so weird! Like there are 400 American Juniors and I happen to be the best one :P
Well then she asked me if I wanted to be a Junior helper for Graduation and of course I said yes :)
She told me that I'll be on TV the whole time, I will give the Principal the diplomas and walk with him. I'm so excited, I even get my own gown!! But not cap ;)
Well I was back in class for about 20 min.
Than I had Chemistry with Max. It's so weird, it was the last class period we would have together, and it was the class we met. That class was always kinda special to me...
Well we just did a review for the final and I was the only one even bein awake!! :o
After school I took the bus home and there I was just chilling with the New Zealander, because they'll leave tomorrow while I'm still at school. I will definately go visit them!
Then I made Bananenwickel for dinner. They loved it and they'll try it out as soon as they get home ;)
And here the picture of my award!
The award

Chrissie and Caleb

My chemistry class...sleeping

Max sleeping

Part of my drawing. I cut it and glued it on a bigger paper

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