Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Last week of school

Ahh! Today started my last full week of school. I mean yeah sure I'll have finals but that won't be the same...
I took my yearbook with me so that my friends can sign it. But I only got two today because as soon as you take the book out of your bag EVERYBODY wants to take a look. So I guess I'm just gonna take it with me all week long.
Classes were okay, working on the final project in History, working with poems in English, coloring our oil pastel drawing in Art and then talking about gases in Chemistry.
Even in school time flies, I'm telling you! Really sad!
When I got home, reaally late, I just talked to Jillian a little bit and later on I skyped with a friend from my school in Germany who is in Virgina for an exchange right now. It was really funny :)
Then I watched TV and I'm basically just relaxing, my back started to hurt again so I can't really do a whole lot...
And today I got a letter from EF and I got a laundry bag. Really weird thing...
It says "Livin' the Dream - USA 2012"
EF laundry bag
Oh and remember when I was at the mall so early that I couldn't go into any stores because they didn't open until noon? I actually found a Starbucks gift card on the floor and picked it up, just for fun. A couple days ago I checked the balance on it, at there are $25 on it! That is like a gift from heaven! Haha now I can go to Starbucks basically for free! :P

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