Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Math stresses me out

So this morning I woke up late, not too late, but late. I had to rush through my morning routine, and I almost forgot to put my contacts in, so I would have left the house being blind like a mole! Haha but luckily Max alwys waits for me outside in his car :)
And to answer the question, yes we are dating again. Since almost 4 weeks now. I just didn't want to tell right away, to see if we stay together.
Well school was alright. It was really hot outside but inside so cooold! I hate that because you just CAN NOT wear long jeans outside, and since my school has opened hallways (like when it rains the hallways get wet, when it's warm it is really warm in the hallway...I'm gonna take a picture tomorrow) it is always hot there. Gr...the teacher says they have to make it that cold so we don't fall asleep.
In Drawing I almost finished my giraffe! Tomorrow I will cut it apart and glue it on a bigger paper!
 Well in math be got this huuuge package of final review stuff. And it will count as a test grade. I don't get that stuff at all and nobody here can help me because they're out for their "Junggesellenabschied" and stuff. I did about 20 of the 45 questions...tomorrow we will review in class. Gr...that makes me so mad -.-
I didn't eat during lunch, no money with me, so I was just haning out with Max for a while and then Aisha.
The last two classes went by pretty fast.
When I got home some new people were at our house. And honestly I don't even know their names, I met about a million people for the wedding already, and there are following another 5 million. I don't think I will remember any name :S
Jillian got be Pad Thai for dinner, but I ended up not eating eat because I felt kinda sick.
 Haha Jillian told me to write that on there because Joe and his friends were meeting at our house and she didn't want him to eat it ;)
Jillian's friends from New Zealand arrived, and when I opened the door they thought it's the wrong house! Haha that was kinda funny because I was just standing there and smiling! They have such a cool accent! :)
Tomorrow is the Rehearsal Dinner and that's why Jillian's gonna pick me up from school at 2.30 PM so that I can get ready in time!
I will try to take a lot of pictures, but I can't promise anything...

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