Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Mother's Day

Today was Motheeeer's Day, but I would guess that y'all know that already ;)
Well I told Jillian and Joe that I don't feel like getting up early to have breakfast with the whole family at Becca's. But actualy I was planning on baking cupcakes as a suprise. So as soon as they left the house I went to HEB and bought everything I needed. At home I started with the carrot cake but...I messe up -.-
Awesome, not I had to run to Walgreens and hope that they have baking stuff. I got a yellow cake mix and marshmallows, mini one :P
So I hurried and did everything correct this time. Then at the end after it all cooled up I put icing on, cream cheeeese! ;)
It all got ready right on time. Then Jillian and her parents left for a while to go for a walk in Zilker Park. Joe and I just chilled on our laptops, I don't know why but the mornin with the whole baking stuff stresses me out a lot.
Later, around 4.30pm, we left to go to Ryan and Andy's (the parents from Hudson) for a mother's day feast. It was really good, but because we were sitting outside, I got eaten by mosquitos! :(
I had to stay inside a lot...
Well now I'm really tired and tomorrow starts my last week of school. After that I'll only have finals and that means half-days...aahh time flies! :((

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  1. Deine Karte ist so unheimlich süß, dass ICH diesmal fast weinen musste.Danke mein liebes Mädchen !!!
    In Liebe