Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Pecan Street Festival

Today was the Pecan Street Festival in Austin Downtown. We went to see Rebecca play on the Red River stage. It was a lot of fun and this one lady (probably drunk and homeless) was dancing all weird and stuff and made everybody laugh. Some even filmed her and Rebecca had to laugh sometimes while she was singing.
Well, from the beginning on. I went to bed pretty late yesterday so I slept reaally long, like 12 hours today. When I woke up nobody was home so I made breakfast and after I took a shower Jillian and Joe came. They were out doing yoga and some other stuff.
We chilled for a little bit because it was too hot to go outside. Over 93°F (=31°C) outside and so we just stayed in the house.
Today was the Kentucky Derby Race. It's this horse race and it's only a few seconds long but they start to talk about it over 4 hours earlier! That is so crazy!
Wee we left the house at 4.20 PM to see Rebecca perform. We stopped at Starbucks to get a Frappuccino, because it was happy hour from 3-5 PM because of the Mexican celebration "Cinco de Mayo". It's abuot the independents or something, we didn't really talk about it but a lot of stores had something special (I mean over 50% of the people in Texas are Mexicans).
It was so hot when we watched Rebecca but it was fun. After sunset it got colder and it got nice outside. We walked aroung for a little bit and I took pictures. AND I found a place where you could buy Döner! Every eexchange student tells me how much they miss Döner and it seems like I'm the only one who could buy one but doesn't want to! Oh well ;)
Here are some pictures!
There is the drunk lady dancing

At like 8 PM Max came over for a little bit and we talked and watched Hancock (I'm not sure that's really how you spell it). When he left and we were outside a dry thunderstorm started. The sky would light up really bright and then the thunder would follow. And it's still there, after two hours now! Crazy!
And today the moon was supposed to be 14 times bigger than normal, a super moon, but one it was cloudy and two it didn't really seem to be bigger. Kinda disappointing :/

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