Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

Now it's getting serious! Tomorrow at that time Jillian and Joe are gonna be married!! That's so exciting!
Well first I went to school, for three periods. It was the last time I will ever have ASAP :(
That's the class were we talkd about our grades and how to improve and stuff. And my teacher wasn't even there, we had a sub...
Well Jillian pickedme up at 2.30 PM so that I'd have enough time to get ready for the dinner. I actually used the time to skype with my whole family, only my mom was too busy to come in front of the camera. Oh well...
At 4 o'clock everybody who is involved in the wedding came over to our house to practice the ceremony. It was so freaking loud in here! I kinda got a headache :(
Well we left the house at 6.10 PM and I ended up not weaing the dress but jeans and a nicer sweater with scarf :)
I met Jillian's cousin Kelly-Grace and she's 15, so the only one in my age! It's amazing how fast we got comfortable with each other and we talked about everything. We also have a looot in common, and I really mean a lot! Like seperate twins, just the age doesn't really fit in there ;)
Well she lives in San Diego, CA and she already invited me for next year!
So we basically hang out all night, until the restaurant/bar kicked us both out because we are under-age and since it is a bar with alcohol we can't be there...that really sucked but oh well.
At home I talked  talkd with Joe and the New Zealand people that are here. They live in Auckland and the invited me to come and stay with them for a while when my sister and I are going to do work and travel! Like a serious invitation! That'll be so aweeesome!! ♥
Well tomorrow I will sleep in, get ready and Max is gonna pick me up at 4 PM. I have to be at the venue earlier to help the people with the guestbook/-tree. It's gonna be so much fun! Aisha and Chessy are coming too!
So here some pictures from the dinner today!

The New Zealander


Aaand I finished my Giraffe

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