Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Thank you-cards

Today was the second to last school day! We had two finals, Drawing 2 and Pre-Cal. The Drawing one was fun. We did a mandala and I didn't finish it. But my teacher said it's okay as long as I tried.
So then in Pre-Cal I didn't even try hard to do good. I circled the answers that looked best and I plugged the information in formulas that were on my card. I probably failed but I will still pass the class.
During the 15 minutes break I went to all my teacher's rooms and gave them thank you-cards. I thought it would be nice to thank all of them for supporting me throughout the year and just make this year perfect ;)
After school I went to Church's Chicken with Max. Today is our 7 month anniversary and we didn't really plan anything so we just watched two movies. Brüno and Austin's Powers and both are super funny!
Well in the late afternoon after Max left I had a looong talk with Jillian. Mostly about health insurances ;)
Okay so here pictures of almost all of my artwork!
The mandala final assignment - Drawing 2

The Midterm assignment - Art 1

Portrait - Art 1

Stretch design - Drawing 2

Calligraphy - Art 1

Dots - Art 1

Surrealism - Drawing 2

Chalk flower - Art 1

White on Black - Drawing 2

Zoom zoom ZOOM - Drawing 2
I have a couple more Art 1 drawings, like the orange cubism one or the oil pastel one (last assignment this year). But I didn't finish the oil pastel one so I left it aat school for the teacher to show as examples. And Joe has the cubism one in his room. He'll keep the White on Black one and give the orange one back to me :)

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