Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Today was a pretty boring day. My friends in school had some problems with other girls, like a cat-fight and then they told the security that my friends wants to start a fight and so everybody was called in the office to tell their part of the story. But luckily I wasn't involved in all that.
Classes were okay. We took a test in US History and I have to finish ist next time, I think that is Monday because this Friday is a B-Day...
In Chemistry we had a lab, and it was kinda cool. We tried to find out if substances have cinductivity or not. And this one liquid was not good for your skin and that's why we had to have this crazy protection stuff. I'm telling you, just like in the movies!!
In English we had a substitute and we had to write a poem about ourself and then with an Alliteration and Metaphor or Simile! :o
After school I watched part of Avatar in English. The voices are pretty cool and the jokes are different too ;)
Then I walked to HEB and on the way back I saw a really pretty sunset. I tried to take a picture with my phone but it didn't turn out very well...
It was really red!!
Well and at home I just ate dinner and watched TV.
Oh and the invitation to the "Cougar Godl Award"-ceremony came today. Jillian and Joe are not going but I guess it'll be boring anyways.

Yeah that was pretty much my day and here are some other funny pictures I took the last couple weeks!
With Jolaike in the car from LA to Vegas

German chocolate! So expensive :(

PEZ figures ;)

Indo only drinks out off my toilet?!?!

How I asked him to Prom...

My zebra-EF bag

I have my own little tv that I can stick on my leg :P

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