Samstag, 12. Mai 2012


It's finally weekend. This week seemed so long...probably because of the STAAR testing. The school days were so much longer (in my head)...
Well today we could take our art work home. I had everything in my folder and while everybody else in my art class made their folders, I worked on my surrealism picture and I finished it :)
When I got home, a looot of people were there. Like a lot. Jillian, her mom, stepdad and dad, Joe and JC (her brother) came with Jett (the baby) later too. The family had a little bit of drama so I decided to get out off the house. When I came back JC and Jett were gone and everybody else was working on the dinner. It was good but I didn't really feel good so I ate only a little bit...
Tomorrow is Becca's graduation at the UT (University of Texas) and we will have a brunch at 2pm. I really hope I can get up that early :P
Yeah I'm going to bed now and hopefully I get to skype with some people tomorrow. It is so hard right now to keep up with everything that's happening in my two lifes!
I just don't wanna miss anything in Germany but I also wanna totally concentrate on enjoying my last 34 days here.

P.S. I got my yearbook today, and honestly I'm disappointed...

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