Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

2 days left and farewell BBQ

Today I woke up at 8.30 AM because I didn't want to wait time sleeping. First it was hard to wake up but as soon as I started to work on my scrapbook I woke up.
I finished the last two pages and now I can put it in my suitcase :)
Max came over really early and he wanted me to come with him. So I got ready in like 5 minutes and then we went to his apartment. His cousin, Melanie and we two were just hanging out and having a good time. Melanie went to the mall for a little bit and in that time, Nate, Max and I watched this movie with Johnny Depp that is kinda like a musical. He looks like a vampire in it. I forgot how to spell the title...
Max' family wanted to have a farewell BBQ for Franco and me. So they invited my hostparents too. Franco came over around 5.30 PM and that's when everybody satarted to prepare the dinner. We went to the community pool from the apartment complex because that is where the grill is.
Jillian and Joe came at 6 PM and stayed for only about 45 minutes because Jillian had a yoga class at 7 and she didn't want to be late.
Nate, Melanie, Franco and his girlfriend, Max and his mom and I had a lot of fun. Franco pushed me in the pool with my clothes so I was all wet and then I decided just to have fun :)
We made a lot of cool stuff in the pool, like wrestling on the shoulders of someone for example. We stayed in the pool until 9 PM! But now I think 'm getting a cold or something :(
My curfew was midnight today so Nate, Max and I watched Rambo and talked. I cried twice today...
It's just so damn hard! Like everything! Since it is already Thursday I have to say: I will leave tomorrow!
That sounds horrible! And it feels horrible too! But even when I cry, I don't realize what it means to leave. You just can't imagine it! Because it is something you have never experienced before. So how to prepare yourself for it? :(
Well I will sleep now, but only for a few hours. I don't want to waste any more time sleeping!

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  1. Es ist echt krass, wie schnell dein Auslandsjahr vorbei gegangen ist.
    Und wenn es mir, als Leserin deines Blogs, schon so vorkommt, kann ich mir vorstellen wie schwer es für dich sein wird...