Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Goodbye party

Today I probably saw all of my friends for the very last time :(
I woke up and Max was there. We just hang out for a couple hours and watched some more 'Make it or Break it' and had a nice breakfast together.
He had to leave at 2 PM to go back to his cousin and I started to clean the house and my room. I can't remember where I went but after a lot of drama Franco said he is not gonna come.
So only girls at the party?! Yep fun fun fun!
Jamarra, Phuong, Alyssa, Bianca, Chessy, Lauren and Hannah came :)
Max sister wanted to come but Max car broke when he was on the way. So she ended up not coming :(
We had a nice BBQ and played Apples to Apples the whole time. It was really fun!

It was so much fun!! And I got some little gifts from Phuon and Hannah too. Hannah gave me crads and pens so that we could stay in touch, liek in the old days through letter ;)
And Phuong gave me a lion, a really soft stuffed animal and pretty earings!

I was really scared I would cry because I still don't wanna think that it is actually the last time I'm ever gonna see them so I treid to smile the whole time :)
Now I have only 5 days left, which is crazy and unreal. Tomorrow Joe will take me to the Art museum in the morning and from 5 to 10 PM I'll be at the Graduation Pool Party from Bianca. She came today too!

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