Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Home sweet home

I am finally home. So this might be my last post...
So like I said in the morning we went to get Donuts and hot chocolate. I closed my suitcase and spend the last minutes with Max and Jillian. Then the time had come. We left for the airport :(
We picked up Joe from work and then went to the airport. My suitcase weight was 67.8 lbs. so it was waaay too heavy. They wanted me to pay $200 but I bought another bag/suitcase and put everything heavy in it. Also the monkey! And the cowboy boots I actually wanted to wear on the on the flight since they were too big to put in in the first suitcase! :)
I ended up paying $25 and $70 for the second suitcase. Still cheaper than the 17 lbs. overweight! :o
And then the hardest part, saying goodbye :((
It was so hard to say goodbye to Jillian and Joe, and the hardest goddbye was the one with Max. I was just terrible. I was crying the whoole time! Even when I got in the plane...
The next 17 hours were horrible. Just horrible. I went to Houston and from there to Frankfurt. The first two flights were good with no trouble. But as soon as I got to Frankfurt everything got stressfull.
My international flight had a delay of 1 hour so I had only 30 minutes to get to my other gate, go through seurity and all that. Of course I didn't make it on time. Then they told me that I have to wait until 5.40 PM which was over 4 hours to wait. So I went to the Lufthansa counter to change my flights and get a new boarding card. But the line was looong. And when I finally got there they told me that I would have to take the flight at 9.30 PM because the other one was over full already. I freaked out! Why should I wait 8 hours for a 40 minute flight?!? Well I called my mom and then I bought a SIM-Darc for my cellphone because I didn't have any more coins for the payphone. And that's the time I lost my credit card -.-
Well my dad came up with the idea to pick me up in Hannover sinse I would only have to wait another 90 minutes. To organize this I had to run from A to B and back. It was really difficult to change the tickets but I made it and I boarded in time too. Unfortunately my suitcases got lost somewhere in Frankfurt...
Well I arrived in Hannover around 5.15 PM and my dad, sister, brother and cousin were waiting for me :)
We talked to the luggage people and they will send my suitcases home soon...hopefully tomorrow!
When I got home a lot of people where there. My two best friends, my cousins, my aunt and oncle, neighboors, everybody! And actually a lot more people where there at 2 PM the time I actually should have arrived in Bremen. That was a bummer!
Wel we had a nice welcome back party and I got to skype with Max too ♥
Now I have been awake for over 48 hours and I really have to go to bed. I might have a last post about how my exchange year changed me, because I changed a lot. I grew up!
But I am pretty sure it won't be tomorrow...


  1. Oh man, das ist ja ärgerlich in Frankfurt gewesen :(
    Aber schön das du wieder zu Hause bist :)) Ich hoffe du lebst dich schnell wieder in Deutschland ein :)

    Auch wenn jetzt ein sehr sehr tolles Jahr für dich (und ein noch viel tollerer Blog zu ende) geht ;)

  2. Hey Aileen :)
    Das in Frankfurt war sicherlich ärgerlich aber du bist ja sicher zu Hause angekommen ,das ist was zählt, nicht? :)
    Schade, dass das wohl dein vorletzter Post war, ich habe es echt genossen deinen Blog zu lesen und werde es die nächsten gut 2 Monate sicherlich vermissen, dein Blog war einfach nur toll und hat mich meine, so gut wie , gesamte Hopeezeit begleitet. Danke dafür!

    Grüße Clarissa :)