Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Last day

Today was my last full day here in Austin. I woke up really early at 7.30 to say bye when Joe left for work. I stayed up and Max came over around 11.30 AM. I was just being kinda lazy before then.
I was watching "Make it or Break it" with Max for a while. When Jillian got home Max went back home to fix his car and I had a nice conversation with Jillian!
Later on Joe, Jillian and I went to Lady Bird Lake to do this stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking!!
It was really fun!
For our last dinner we went to Sab's (old Madame Mam's). Becca couldn't come so it was just Joe, Jillian, Max and me.
I will upload pictures later!I didn't have a curfew tonight so I went to the movies with Max to see Madagascar 3!!
Well I packed a little more and then I went to bed to sleep for about 3 hours...

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