Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Only 3 more days!

Today was my fourth to last day!
I woke up at 10 AM and almost right after breakfast I started to work on my scrapbook. I finished five pages and I have only three more to go! Yay memories forever :)
I started to text with Max over facebook since he broke his phone at Barton Springs! Haha first it flies off his car and then he drops it in the water that is in his shoes :P
I had to rest my foot so I couldn't really do a whole lot today. But at around 4 PM Jillian took me to Max apartment and when I got there, Melanie, Nate and Max went to the pool with me. When we got back home I went with Melanie (pronounced Mellony) and we talked for hours ;)

Yeah she just dyed her hair yester day and she's not too happy about the result but it's anew trend to just dye the ends, I think it's called dip-tipping.
Well when Max took me home he stayed to eat dinenr with us. Joe made pasta and meatballs, that was my wish for today's dinner ;)
I bought dessert, strawberries and cream! Awesome!! That's gonna be my breakfast for tomorrow ;)
I have a tight time plan for tomorrow. Taking the bus to Crockett to get my grades, taking the bus back home, packing most of my stuff, finding geocaches for my dad, going to the movies with my friend Bianca! I hope everything works out!
Hier the Döner from yesterday

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