Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Open-air theatre

Today was my first real day of summer break. I woke up around 11 AM because Max called me asking if he could come over. I told him to wait because I wanted to sleep in so yeah, he hang up bit I couldn't sleep anymore. I went outside to tan and then Max came over.
We watched a show for kids and the lady was teaching sign language. Now I know words "Peanutbutter", "nice" and "I love you" in sign language! After a while we finally decided to go to the pool at his apartment. We were there for a long time, swimming and tanning. Around 7 PM Jillian texted me and asked if we two wanted to go to an open-air theater from the Alamo with them. They showed "Jurassic Park" on a big screen in a park :)

The movie was okay, a lot of mosquoitos bit me thought.
The day kinda ended bad because Max got a ticket for not paying to park...$30...

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