Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Prometheus and packing

I woke up around 10 AM this morning. I got ready and had breakfast. Then I tried to figure out how to get to Crockett to get my transcript for my German school. Joe came home for lunch so he took me to Crockett when he went back to work. When I asked the office lady she said my hostparents have to come in and sign a paper that I withdrawl. That I won't go to Crockett next year.
So I waited an hour for Jillian. She works pretty close to the school and she came over right after work. I just went to Thriftown in that time and had some fun there :P
When Jillian came we went to the office again and got all the papers I need. It's in a envelope and I can't open it...otherwise it's not official anymore...
 When I got home I started to pack my suitcase. And all I have left in my closet are three full sets of clothes for the last three days. I will look so American with my sweatpants and a huge t-shirt at the airport. But comfy is sooo important when you fly for over 10 hours straight!!
Well it's pretty sad to see an empty room...
My friend Bianca asked me if I wanna go to the movies with her today. And so we went to see Prometheus at 7 PM. And that movie is sooo gross sometimes! There are scenes that I neeever eever wanna see again! Groosss!
Well when I got home it got kinda weird. Max texted me from his cousins phone saying that he put my sunglasses in the mailbox. Apparently I forgot them at his house. On the sunglases was a note:
Let's play a game. Where do I usually park?
I was confused. Why would he ask me where he parks at his apartment? But I still looked out of the window to see if his car was there where it normally is. It was not so I texted him again and asked if he could explain this game. Because he didn't text back I kinda forgot about it.
I had this awesome idea to but the liquid from glowsticks into bubbles and make glowing bubbles. So Joe helped me.
*Do not attempt at home*

The trash
The bubbles ended up not glowing, but the bottle and the trashkin looked really cool! Who else has a whole galazy in their trash?!?!
So I made some Kettle corn (sweet popcorn) and then someone knocked at the door. It was Max, with another note in his hand. It said:
First kiss?
He was waiting at the place where we first kissed for almost two hours. And the second note was at the walkway where he normally parks in front of our house. I felt soo bad for not getting his game :(
Well he couldn't stay longer than 5 min because his cousin was waiting with him.
Gr...I feel kinda stupid. Not getting the game that I saw at least a million times on TV already...
Oh well. At least my last days are filled with action and emotions!

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