Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Selling clothes

After waking up from a text from my friend Phuong I got dressed and had breakfast. Max came over and we started to make two piles of clothes, one that I'm gonna try to sell and those that I'm just gonna give to Goodwill or throw away. Then we went to Buffalo Exchange with about 50 t-shirts and they only took ONE SINGLE SHIRT! They are so picky -.-
Well we got $3 for it, that payed the gas we needed to drive there and back. Awesome, right?
Oh well, I'll try Plato's Closet on Monday and then Thrift Town. I thought I made some money I could use to send the two pakets with all my stuff and drawings home. It would at least help a little bit.
Yeah that's almost all I did today. I also found a new tv show, "Make it or break it" and it's about gymnasts. Really cool! :)

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