Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Sent it!

Soo I slept in again. At about 11.30 AM I woke up and got ready reaaally slowly. I tried to tan outside but it was cloudy and too human! So I worked on the pakets. Jillian said we would go and send them today.  I calculated how much all that stuff in there is worth it, and after some trouble and skyping with my family I got everything done. I had to put some clothes to my artwork but everything worked out. When we went to the post office, Jillian and I had to carry in the big box together, it was sooo heavy!
Well I had to open it again and people waiting in line where whisperin to pther people if I work at the office or why I'm sending a whole closet. Kinda funny ;)
When we got to the counter, the guy was like: "Okay, let's start or we will never get this out!"
After some difficulties we got the papers filled out, the weight measuerd and the size approved! My big one was 29 pounds heavy and cost $135, the smaller one was 23 pounds and cost $82. That was exactly what I calculated :)
So now all my slothes are gone, my room, my closet and everything else looks so empty now. I feel like a tourist now...nothing personal in the room anymore :(
And I have only 10 days left. There are so many things I'm gonna miss! Even High School!
Well then I realxed in the house since I can't go outside between 4 PM and 8PM or otherwise I get eaten by mosquitos! :o
Max asked me at about 7.40 PM if I wanna go to "Movie under the stars" with his cousin, Melanie and him. The movie was called "Betelegause" or something like that ;)
The movie was fun! I was home by 10.30 PM and then I took pictures of the moon. It's suppose to be the second brightes moon in the year!
The boxes

The mooooon! :o

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