Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Tanning and Scrapbooking

When I woke up the sun was lightening up my room and that was the moment I decided to go outside an tan. So I did and after one hour I went inside to eat breakfast. Then I tanned of another 45 min before  went inside and watched "Make it or Break it". When Jillian got home I took a shower and started to look for pictures I want to print for my scrapbook. I ended up printing 94(!!) pictures at Walgreens. This scrapbook is gonna be awesome! Well I had to waittwo hours before I could pick them up so I went with Jillianto pick up some of their wedding pictures. She got one of these old fashion cameras but when she say the pictures she was really dissappointed. They didn't turn out well at all...
After I picked up my pictures from Walgreens I started to cut them out and put them into groups. Then I took the flyer I collected in LA and cut out funyn or cool pictures to make a collage for the background.
I didn't glue the pictures on there yet because I want to do that next time I'm bored at home (hopefully not in the next 9 days).
Well Jillian and Joe invited Becca and Jack over to have a family dinner. We had turkey burger! *yummi*
Then we all talked for almost 2 hours before they left. Since they graduated from college they are looking for jobs and that stresses them out a lot. So they were happy to have some family time :)
When I'm about to go to bed I could start crying. But then I think about this one quote I read somewhere
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
It makes me more motivated to be even more excited to be back, to see how life has canged here. But for now my mission is (almost ) accomplished here and I am excited to be back and start my life over! ♥

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