Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Walk/Work out

I woke up at 11 and it was cloudy outside. Like really dark clouds so I didn't feel like tannng outside. After breakfast I wanted to go for a run. So I got in my sport clothes and wa sabout to leave when I noticed that I send my running shoes home already...awesome.
But I still wanted to work out a little bit so I decided to go for a walk...a looong walk...
Because I didn't want to spend any money I walked to Max apartment. And that is 7 miles away! (That's over 11km!)
It took me about two hours to get there and I totally forgot sunscreen. So I got burned but not too bad. It's probably just gonna turn into tan and not peel! Haha I learned so much about sunburns down here! It's so awesome!!
Well when I got to his apartment he was pretty surprised. I didn't tell him that I'm coming ;)
His cousin Nate, Max and I watched a movie about a special football coach that is mentally retarded but the best in the country. Cute movie! :)
Joe picked me up around 5 PM and at home we got ready to go out for dinner. I took the two out for dinner kinda as a Thank-You for the whole year. We had sushi and our favorite place!

They said: "She's gonna upload it on facebook! Ah whatever!" ;)

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