Hier eine Liste von lustigen Zitaten aus meinem Jahr

>> Good morning ladies and gentleman. Welcome at the flight to Austin. If you don't want to travel to Austin, now is a good time to leave the airplane. Thank you! <<
(Flug von Boston nach Austin, jetBlue)

>>Don't take your life so serious!!<<

>>Our house was broken into<<
(Aisha understood that the house broke into two parts) :D

>>Sorry, but I can't take you seriously with these glasses on!<<
(Jillian to Joe)

>>It's amazing how filling bananas are!!<<

>>Whenever it rains, it will be wet outside!<<
(Thanks I didn't know that xD)

Conversation in Psychology class:
Teacher: "Well, if you get in a bus, you decide pretty fast in your head who you wanna sit next to and who not!"
 Me: "I don't like to sit next to people that wear black."
(everybody thinks I said, I don't like to sit next to BLACK people)
Teacher: "Honey, bless ypur heart! You are so honest! But actually I prefer to sit next to black peope..."
 Me: "What? NO! I mean I don't like to sit next to people who wear black clothes!"
(The whole class was kinda shocked, they thought I was racist. We had one black guy in this class and he didn't say anything! I was so embarrassed!!)